Porcelain Veneers Replacement: Maintaining Your Smile

August 30, 2018 — by Kenneth W. Coffey, DDS
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Placing a porcelain veneerWhen it comes to enhancing smiles, porcelain veneers are a versatile and durable treatment option. Yet durability doesn’t mean that veneers will last forever. Even people who brush and floss regularly will need to have their porcelain veneers replaced eventually. The team at our Orland Park, IL cosmetic dentistry center can help.

Dr. Kenneth W. Coffey and his team would like to go over the basics of porcelain veneer replacement. This will give you a good idea of how the process works and what you can expect from it.

How Long Do Porcelain Veneers Last?

Porcelain veneers can last for about 10 years. Regular wear and tear will take their toll on your teeth, requiring eventual replacement.

This assumed that patients with veneers are brushing and flossing regularly, and are taking good care of their teeth. Sometimes the lifespan is a little longer or a little shorter, but 10 years is a good average.

Additional Reasons for Porcelain Veneer Replacement

In addition to normal wear and tear on veneers, you may need your veneers replaced for the following reasons:

  • Tooth Decay - Just because a veneer is covering the front of tooth doesn’t mean it’s not able to decay. If you develop a cavity under a porcelain veneer, the veneer will have to be removed so a restoration can be placed.
  • Tooth Fractures - In addition to wear and tear, chips and cracks to your teeth can lead to serious problems with your veneers. To repair the fracture, your porcelain veneer will need to be removed and replaced.
  • Cosmetic Problems Affecting the Tooth - A tooth’s natural structure can become stained or discolored even with a porcelain veneer in place. This may be caused by tobacco product use, wine consumption, or internal issues with the tooth. The veneer will need to be removed to addressed the discoloration.

Removal of the Previous Veneers

To remove the previous veneers, your dentist will carefully loosen the adhesive so the old veneer can be peeled away. All efforts are made to avoid damaging healthy tooth structure.

Prepping and Impressions

Once the old veneer is off, the dentist will then prep the tooth in a process similar to the initial veneer placement. A small amount of tooth structure may be removed to accommodate the new veneer if needed. The tooth will then have an impression taken so the new veneer can be made.

Creating the New Porcelain Veneers

The impression is sent to a dental lab, which will custom craft the replacement porcelain veneers. During this time, patients will usually wear temporary veneers to hide the prepped teeth.

Placing the Replacement Veneers

Once the replacement veneers are completed, they are sent back to the practice so they can be placed on the patient’s teeth. Dentists will check the new veneers for fit first before they are adhered in place.

The Results of Porcelain Veneer Replacement

The results of replacement veneers are generally quite good, allowing you to smile with renewed confidence again. In essence, they restore the initial results of the previous veneers, leaving your smile looking brand new.

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