Porcelain Dental Crowns Can Repair a Damaged Tooth Without Compromising the Aesthetics of Your Smile

Dr. Kenneth W. Coffey can place high-quality, custom-made porcelain dental crowns at our Orland Park, IL, office to prevent further tooth decay and help restore the structural integrity of a weakened tooth. A dental crown is essentially a “cap” that is placed over a damaged tooth. This cap is customized to not only fit over the damaged tooth, but also to correctly align with your bite. Dr. Coffey is highly skilled in the creation and placement of custom dental crowns, so you can feel comfortable knowing your dental crown will be a perfect fit. 

Creation and Placement of Your Custom Crown

The placement of dental crowns is generally a two-part process. During your first appointment, Dr. Coffey reshapes your damaged tooth to accommodate the crown. He may also need to reshape your gums slightly as well. Depending on the type and extent of the damage, you may need a filling, which Dr. Coffey can place at this time. Once the reshaping is complete, he will take impressions of your tooth, which he will send to a local dental laboratory for the creation of your crown. A temporary crown is usually placed to protect the tooth until the permanent crown is ready for placement.

A dental crown can address a number of cosmetic concerns, in addition to repairing a tooth that has suffered damage.

In the dental lab, a technician will craft your custom crown from porcelain, which is carefully selected to match the shade of your surrounding teeth. It can take up to two weeks for the lab to finish your crown. Once it is ready, Dr. Coffey will remove your temporary crown and use a strong dental adhesive to bond your permanent porcelain crown in place. After ensuring a secure and comfortable fit, he will polish the crown for a smooth and natural appearance.

When Is a Dental Crown Needed?

A dental crown can address a number of cosmetic concerns, in addition to repairing a tooth that has suffered damage. Aesthetically, if you have a tooth that is unresponsive to professional teeth whitening, a single crown can conceal the discolored tooth to provide you with a seamless smile. A crown can also address a wide range of minor to more severe damage. Whether the tooth is chipped or cracked or decayed, a crown can cover the tooth to restore strength and function. Dental crowns are also useful in instances when the tooth is too damaged for a filling. 

How You Can Benefit from a Custom Dental Crown

Porcelain crowns are customized to match the rest of your smile. This provides a number of aesthetic benefits over metal crowns. A porcelain crown can whiten your smile, and porcelain is stain resistant. Porcelain is also durable, so with proper care, your crown will last many years. Replacing your tooth with a porcelain crown restores strength to the tooth while protecting your natural tooth from further damage. It will alleviate any discomfort you were experiencing and provide you with the necessary support to chew and speak with ease and comfort.

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Our high-quality dental crowns can restore the health of your tooth and the aesthetics of your smile. If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, contact our dental office to schedule an appointment to find out if a dental crown is appropriate. 

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