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Man with Restored TeethYour smile is one of your most valuable assets, a fact that has become overwhelmingly apparent if you have experienced tooth loss, trauma, or advanced decay. Dr. Kenneth W. Coffey provides a range of restorative dentistry treatments including dental implants and dental crowns at his Chicago-area practice. Dr. Coffey is a compassionate and thorough dentist who can give you back your comfort and peace of mind with treatments that restore the comfort, health, and appearance of your smile. If you are suffering from a compromised smile – or the headaches and discomfort that can accompany conditions such as TMJ disorder – contact our Chicago-area practice in Orland Park, serving Bollingbrook and Oak Park, today.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are small titanium screws, surgically placed in the jaw bone to provide an anchor for dentures,  crowns and bridges. Dental implants require two surgeries, a substantial investment, and several months of recovery time, but can potentially give you a lifetime of functionality and confidence that feels as authentic as your natural smile. Dr. Coffey refers the surgeries to a trusted oral surgeon, but oversees the placement of the implants and their subsequent restoration. He can also determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure.

TMJ Disorder: The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) on either side of the jaw can cause a range of discomforts when subjected to excessive undue stress. Headaches, shoulder pain, and tooth damage are all symptoms of TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder itself can develop because of nighttime teeth grinding, and improperly balanced bite, and many other factors. Dr. Coffey can conduct a thorough assessment to determine the cause of you TMJ disorder and prescribe precisely the treatment you need to achieve relief.

Orthodontics: A smile full of straight, properly aligned teeth doesn’t just look great – it is easier to brush and floss, places minimal wear on your teeth, and reduces your risk of developing TMJ disorder. Dr. Coffey provides conventional dentures, as well as Invisalign® invisible orthodontics. He uses computer imaging and diagnostic wax-ups to tailor an orthodontic therapy to your needs and help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile.

Dental Crowns and Bridges: If you are missing teeth, or have teeth that have become damaged or decayed, Dr. Coffey provides custom dental crowns and bridges at his Chicago-area practice to replace teeth and provide support. Crowns and bridges can either be anchored by existing teeth or by dental implants. We create metal-free crowns and bridges whenever possible to achieve a natural-looking restoration that will restore balance and harmony to your smile.

Tooth-colored Fillings: We use a special tooth-colored resin for both dental bonding and fillings. This solution produces a more natural appearance than traditional silver amalgam fillings, and is a better fit because this resin expands and contracts at virtually the same rate as your tooth when exposed to heat and cold. Tooth-colored resin is also used in cosmetic applications such as augmenting chipped, cracked, or unevenly spaced teeth.

Dentures: We offer full and partial dentures to replace missing teeth, restoring function and a natural appearance. Cooperating with a trusted oral surgeon, Dr. Coffey provides All-on-4® and implant-retained removable dentures, which provide superior functionality and stability. He takes great care in providing custom-crafted dentures that achieve a comfortable fit and allow the patient to smile, speak, and chew with absolute confidence.

Full Mouth Reconstruction: If you are suffering with multiple oral health issues, full mouth reconstruction can restore health, balance, and an attractive appearance to your smile. Dr. Coffey can perform multiple restorative and cosmetic procedures to address every aspect of your smile. Dental implants, custom crowns and dentures, root canal, gum treatments, and other treatments can be combined as part of a comprehensive approach to rebuilding your smile.

Root Canal Therapy: When tooth decay advances to the inner pulp, root canal therapy can prevent tooth loss and preserve the healthy outer structure. Using sophisticated endoscopic tools, Dr. Coffey can completely remove the pulp before sealing the tooth and restoring it with a custom dental crown. Over many decades, this procedure has been continually refined. Today, root canal therapy is virtually painless, and can thoroughly remove decay from even the most complex inner areas of the tooth.

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