Full Mouth Reconstruction Can Help Restore Your Oral Health

If you have severe dental damage or numerous missing teeth, you may be concerned that your smile is beyond repair. Fortunately, Kenneth W. Coffey, DDS, offers full mouth reconstruction at his Orland Park, IL, practice. Dr. Coffey can combine several restorative or cosmetic procedures to help reclaim your oral health and your beautiful smile. At our practice, we proudly use the latest technology, such as computer imaging to obtain precise images of your individual teeth and overall oral structure. With these images, we can then provide highly customized treatment. Additionally, our partner lab uses ultramodern restorative materials, so your prosthetics will blend almost seamlessly with your smile. Before beginning full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Coffey will conduct a complete consultation to determine the right procedures for you. Once he has developed your treatment plan, you can choose which procedures you want to include. We can also provide information and help you find an affordable and personalized payment plan.

A woman looks in a mirror and smiles following full mouth reconstruction

Are You a Candidate for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction may be the most effective option if you have multiple missing or damaged teeth. These restorative treatments can correct:

  • Serious or widespread decay
  • Loose or missing teeth
  • Damage due to gum disease or dental trauma
  • Cracked teeth
  • Chips
  • Internal and external discoloration
  • Gum and jawbone recession

Before you can begin your restorative care, you should already have healthy gums. If you are suffering from periodontal disease, Dr. Coffey may perform scaling and root planing first. This procedure will eliminate oral bacteria and prevent further damage. You must also have sufficient jawbone tissue if you include dental implants as part of your treatment plan. If you lack the sufficient tissue to support dental implants, you may need to visit an oral surgeon for a preparatory bone or soft tissue graft.

What Is Involved in Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Every full mouth reconstruction is different because Dr. Coffey completely customizes your treatment based on your needs and goals. In almost every case, however, the process is completed in stages. Multi-stage treatment allows Dr. Coffey to reduce your discomfort as much as possible. Your treatments could include:

If necessary, Dr. Coffey can provide oral conscious sedation before beginning your procedures, allowing you to enjoy effective care without stress or anxiety.

Full mouth reconstruction may be the most effective option if you have multiple missing or damaged teeth.

Why Choose Dr. Coffey for Your Full Mouth Reconstruction?

When you are considering full mouth reconstruction, it is important to find a dentist you can completely trust. After all, the treatment can yield lifelong results and have a major impact on your overall quality of life. Dr. Coffey is an outstanding choice for your restorative care. He has over 30 years of experience, and he is familiar with a diverse range of treatment methods. He also has professional relationships with some of the area’s most respected specialists. Therefore, if you require oral surgery as part of your full mouth reconstruction, you can be assured of safe, effective care. Finally, our office is equipped with the latest tools, such as digital imaging. These systems produce more accurate pictures than traditional x-rays. Accordingly, Dr. Coffey can perform more conservative treatments that will yield highly lifelike results.

We also want to make our treatments affordable. Often, full mouth reconstruction is at least partially covered by insurance. We accept most major insurance plans and can work with your provider to maximize your coverage. Nevertheless, if you do not have insurance, or if you need help covering the remainder of your care, we can help you find an alternative payment option. For example, we proudly accept CareCredit® as well as other payments from third-party lenders. 

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